Our process typically begins with a free design consultation where our friendly qualified Landscape Architect/Designer will come to your property. In preparation it’s always very useful to for our clients to prepare for the consultation.

Client Preparation
To prepare for the initial consultation, its a good idea to gather any available site and house plans, or any other information that may be relevant to your site.
Also very useful is to gather any images of any styles, ideas, concepts, items, etc. that you like and that can be incorporated into your landscape design. A great tool that we recommend for collecting ideas is Pinterest.

Design Consultation
A qualified Landscape Architect/Designer will then meet with you on’-site to discuss your requirements as well as gather information on your interests and
lifestyle. This free consultation of approximately 1 hour will be conducted at your property discussing and proposing design ideas with you. After this consultation, the Landscape Architect/Designer will propose an estimated design fee based on the estimated number of hours required to draw up the design.